About Me

Harvey Navarro and Leonardo Mendez

I have finally carved out a life that I have only dreamt about… enjoying my family, thriving on my paleo mindset, excited about crossfit, planning my next soccer excursion, creating a new ways to make a difference and spreading the joy of being a downtowner!

There are days in our lives that we mark as milestones and then there are days that we simply exist. I have found that in this lifetime I have taken for granted many days… Mainly the days that had no real purpose or memory.  Above is a picture of what I experienced on an ordinary day… how do I not remember this?! This is why I do what I do.

I am grateful for the relationships that I have built over the years and look forward to what is next. I have been blessed to have received so much inspiration and reward from our outreach. This world is so big but we are making it smaller everyday.

I hope to use my blog to share what I run across that helps change lives for the better! Here goes…

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Finally… tournament/league/event check-in service made easy!

Assist Online Management Service (Beta): http://www.assistcheckin.com
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