Search for Why?

happiness quoteI am on my own personal search for “Why”?  I have learned many valuable lessons over the last two years that have allowed me to TRULY restart blogging.   I began my website when I was inspired by a freeing change in my life that allowed me the opportunity to simply search for who I am.  Now, I am still searching but for the “why”.  Stepping back and looking at my life through a different lens has been refreshing. Before, I did not want to revisit my past.  No particular reason except it was not interesting enough to bother. This was very hard to grasp as I never felt as if my life was uninteresting.  I was caught up in trying to create unique traditions for my children to cherish and to count on so they remember the dynamic upbringing that I gave them.  I never realized how my children became my life’s hopes and dreams. I gave up on my personal hopes and dreams and focused only on what is the best path for my children.  I wanted no wrong turns or bad decisions.  Unrealistic, yes, but I took my time to research, explore and decide and then implement.  It was worth it!

Now my search begins… I am having a difficult time staying focused on how I should invest my time.  I have so many things I want to do… Long term… I want to learn more about building brand awareness, helping non-profits organizations, web development (build a plugin/outline a mobile app) and new community projects. In other words, education! Short term… storage issues resolved (memorabilia and my boxes of past project materials), decide on the colors I want surrounding me, plan my stairwell theme, stage my home for Thanksgiving (cheaply) and complete my Christmas shopping before December. In other words, material things!

So… in the meantime, I will enjoy every minute with the people I love.  I will strive to put myself in situations that will allow me to broaden my education and I will make an effort to surround myself with items that help me do the first two… 🙂

Think I will start here


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