14 Menopause Tips That Might Just Save A Life

Well… it has started… personal summers have begun! Found this post humorous after I have surrendered to paying a doctor to tell me what’s wrong. In all of my 53 years, I have never cared what a doctor thought or advised. Now I have paid for advice, blood work and made my follow up appointment to hear what else I HAVE TO DO! I will keep you posted as this seems to be a ride I can’t get off!

She's A Maineiac

  1. Never say to the woman, “This must be the menopause talking, right?”

    menopause1 The moment before all hell breaks loose.

  2. For hot flashes, freeze a washcloth, then slap your husband upside the head with it.
  3. Still feeling blazing hot? Carry a good portable fan.

    l_shutterstock_hot-flash_1200x675 Oh, darling, I do declare I shall hit you in the head with this here fan!

  4. Make mood swings fun. Get out a timer and count how many intense emotions you feel in three minutes. Then throw the timer at your husband.
  5. Practice saying sincerely to your spouse: “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, honest. It’s the menopause talking.” Then strike the classic ‘Hold head in hands and look tormented’ pose.
    download (1)
  6. See a mom with a newborn and think, That will never be me again! Yay!
  7. See a mom with a newborn and think, That will never be me again! STILL YAY!!!
  8. Realize that you’ve entered the…

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