Challenge or Destiny?

Since August 14th, I have been challenging myself to become healthier, stronger and leaner.  I began the ultimate 100% clean eating plan… Whole30! Today is day 41 of my challenge.  It is one of the hardest thing I have done in my 49 years of life.  The challenge came about when I realized that I have been comfortable being average.  Why? Life can throw many things at you and you adjust; however, sometimes you are just happy to not be in panic ready mode.

I like to think of my plight this way…

Football fan? Sorry… soccer fan?  If so, you will understand this imagery… I see everyday like it is my own football match… I am the manager and I must have RIGHT formation, the BEST possible players I can afford, and I must be trusted to do my job to the BEST of my ability so I can BEAT ManU (doubters), Chelsea (food-pushers), Man City (sugar), Arsenal (grains), Newcastle (legumes) and Tottenham (dairy) so I can be BACK in the Champions League (the best shape and fitness)!

Hence, understanding my club’s motto… You’ll Never Walk Alone!