What’s Next?

Life is what you make it. I have had the pleasure to be a part of a community that allows me to grow and explore. I love learning and trying new things but honestly I believe this year I have learned more about myself. 

What I learned:

Travel is in my blood 

Coding is a challenge but I enjoy breaking the code 😉 (making things work with letters and symbols!)

Love listening to podcasts! 

Online Educational courses don’t need to sell me so hard! 😉

Digital Marketing, sales funnels, afflilate marketing are on my radar.

Connecting with people that love to make a difference… Truly inspires me. 


GAME CHANGER – Kevin Hensley (USPNT Captain) — Center Circle

GAME CHANGER is our new interview series we are starting to shed some insight on what how some of the game’s best players/coaches do what they do. It’s a sneak peek into their mindset and is about inspiring everyone how to be the best they can be at this game or at anything in life. The very…

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14 Menopause Tips That Might Just Save A Life

Well… it has started… personal summers have begun! Found this post humorous after I have surrendered to paying a doctor to tell me what’s wrong. In all of my 53 years, I have never cared what a doctor thought or advised. Now I have paid for advice, blood work and made my follow up appointment to hear what else I HAVE TO DO! I will keep you posted as this seems to be a ride I can’t get off!

She's A Maineiac

  1. Never say to the woman, “This must be the menopause talking, right?”

    menopause1 The moment before all hell breaks loose.

  2. For hot flashes, freeze a washcloth, then slap your husband upside the head with it.
  3. Still feeling blazing hot? Carry a good portable fan.

    l_shutterstock_hot-flash_1200x675 Oh, darling, I do declare I shall hit you in the head with this here fan!

  4. Make mood swings fun. Get out a timer and count how many intense emotions you feel in three minutes. Then throw the timer at your husband.
  5. Practice saying sincerely to your spouse: “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, honest. It’s the menopause talking.” Then strike the classic ‘Hold head in hands and look tormented’ pose.
    download (1)
  6. See a mom with a newborn and think, That will never be me again! Yay!
  7. See a mom with a newborn and think, That will never be me again! STILL YAY!!!
  8. Realize that you’ve entered the…

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Best Investment

Science Project 1974
Science Project 1974 (Photo credit: The Rocketeer)

The best investment I have made in my 49 years, came this year when I purchased the @Whole9 / The Whole30 Daily! The cost of investment was $14.95.  The ROI was priceless! Yes, I know this sounds hokey.  Quite frankly, I felt like it will be another wasted $15 on computer generated motivational emails. Furthermore, I will not take to the time to read the emails completely and it will just take away time from my limited hours after work.  Not!  It has is read immediately following my daily devotional Jesus Calling readings!  I cannot tell you how powerful accurate information is when you are searching for answers to the symptoms of addictions! Let me repeat this…  clear concise information about what you can expect during your detox! I never expected I would need support.  I thought all I need was simply being disciplined enough to simply eat what I am suppose to eat.

I did not bargain for what was revealed to me… addictions!  I have had an issue with the fact that I have had an addiction that I could not control… to the fact I would risk my health for it.  No it is not tobacco, alcohol and/ or drugs but worse SUGAR! It is in almost every product we consume.  I have loved sweets since I was a child buying “Now or Later’s” from Ben Franklin’s (chain store back in the day) to enjoying the new low fat/no taste diet Snack Welt cookies.  It scares me to think that I have universally trusted all food and the source.  In this day and age, how can food be bad for us… we have scientists testing things all the time and they let us know when we should be aware of concerns. How naive! My eyes have been opened and I would like to pose some questions to see if you are ready to make an investment in your health.

  • Does everyone need to go through a Whole30?

In my opinion, it is the best science experiment for your body EVER!  It is not a fad diet, latest greatest thing to “fail”, nor is it a quick fix. Quite simply… It is an investment in your health!

  • Is your health worth 30 days of discovery?

30 days seems so short when you look at the length of time compared to the years we  have eaten so badly.

  • Are you willing to give up foods that give you side effects?

Yes, side effects!  Hidden and noticed side effects are a huge observation during your experiment.  It will surprise you that you have masked the side effects with medication, and /or more food that causes more tolerating side effects.

  • Can’t find 30 days that you can dedicate without major celebrations or sabotaging events?

Good try… I have had these celebrations in my first w30… 3 workplace birthdays, 1 baby shower (my first grandchild), beginning of school year, Labor Day cookouts, wedding rehearsal dinner, wedding, friends bringing me thank-you food (cookies, GiGi cupcakes, homemade gaja kalwa- yummy India dessert and hospital junk food) and the birth of my granddaughter!  Yes, I planned this time as it was the least tempting 30 days.

So… sit down write down the date you thought you might be willing to try it… then go straight to Whole9 | The Whole30 Daily and subscribe to the daily newsletter.  It will tell you everything you need to know to get started… even how to prepare to start.



A beautiful surprise for my birthday.

Today is the day I always looked forward to all my life. I would use this day to gauge my progress over the year. This year is a little different. I have spent the year focusing on the current needs of others and this has changed my life. I realize now… that each day has the potential of being the day that a life will be changed. Why did it take me SO long to see this so clearly?

I believe that I was still seeking the direction of my life. Looking for the answers.

Be still… The answers will find you IF you are sharing your gifts that you were given.

Today, June 11, 2012, life is being enjoyed, shared and treasured. Take the time to establish your faith, your dreams and you too will be found!

Remember love is a very powerful thing. Practice it!