Don’t Be Caught Without Assist!

Long Version…


The Challenge:

We at Center Circle’s Assist have taken the tedious tournament check-in process and simplified the procedure for clubs administrators, team managers, and event/tournament staff.  It is this simple.  Teams/Event participants complete a short form, upload required check -in documents such as official team rosters and player cards and submit their form.  We have even added a “Save and Continue” feature for your registrants who begin the process but are unable to complete at this time.  Typically, this procedure requires team managers to present their required documents prior to the tournament/event, wait for all documents to be validated, while running the risk of not having the all documents that are required; therefore, preventing or delaying participation in the tournament or event. The tournament/event is physically fully staffed and is only hoping that all teams show up with all required documents so that the event can take place on time with no schedule changes. Whew!

Glad that is over!

The Solution:

Now… team managers can present their required documents at their convenience online 24/7 by the check-in deadline. Club / Tournament Administrators can validate the documents and approve the team for participation at their convenience and tournament staff can relax!

Communication is key… As soon as the team manager / participant has submitted their check-in forms, they will instantly receive notification on the form and an email confirmation.  Their email confirmation will include a copy of their submitted information (that can be saved for validation of check-in.).  You (the Tournament/Event Administrators) will also receive email notifications of the teams/participants that have registered.  You will also have 24/7 access online through our website with a clean, sortable “at a glance” view of all teams/participants that have checked-in.  All required team /participant documents that have been uploaded can be viewed and/or printed for reconciling entries and approval.  Approval confirmation emails can be made available.

Best is yet to come… All records are secured and made available across all mobile devices for the Tournament Director and tournament officials use for backup information and all necessary team contact information during the tournament/event if needed!

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