What’s Next?

Life is what you make it. I have had the pleasure to be a part of a community that allows me to grow and explore. I love learning and trying new things but honestly I believe this year I have learned more about myself. 

What I learned:

Travel is in my blood 

Coding is a challenge but I enjoy breaking the code 😉 (making things work with letters and symbols!)

Love listening to podcasts! 

Online Educational courses don’t need to sell me so hard! 😉

Digital Marketing, sales funnels, afflilate marketing are on my radar.

Connecting with people that love to make a difference… Truly inspires me. 


Search for Why?

happiness quoteI am on my own personal search for “Why”?  I have learned many valuable lessons over the last two years that have allowed me to TRULY restart blogging.   I began my website when I was inspired by a freeing change in my life that allowed me the opportunity to simply search for who I am.  Now, I am still searching but for the “why”.  Stepping back and looking at my life through a different lens has been refreshing. Before, I did not want to revisit my past.  No particular reason except it was not interesting enough to bother. This was very hard to grasp as I never felt as if my life was uninteresting.  I was caught up in trying to create unique traditions for my children to cherish and to count on so they remember the dynamic upbringing that I gave them.  I never realized how my children became my life’s hopes and dreams. I gave up on my personal hopes and dreams and focused only on what is the best path for my children.  I wanted no wrong turns or bad decisions.  Unrealistic, yes, but I took my time to research, explore and decide and then implement.  It was worth it!

Now my search begins… I am having a difficult time staying focused on how I should invest my time.  I have so many things I want to do… Long term… I want to learn more about building brand awareness, helping non-profits organizations, web development (build a plugin/outline a mobile app) and new community projects. In other words, education! Short term… storage issues resolved (memorabilia and my boxes of past project materials), decide on the colors I want surrounding me, plan my stairwell theme, stage my home for Thanksgiving (cheaply) and complete my Christmas shopping before December. In other words, material things!

So… in the meantime, I will enjoy every minute with the people I love.  I will strive to put myself in situations that will allow me to broaden my education and I will make an effort to surround myself with items that help me do the first two… 🙂

Think I will start here  https://www.startwithwhy.com/Books.aspx


A beautiful surprise for my birthday.

Today is the day I always looked forward to all my life. I would use this day to gauge my progress over the year. This year is a little different. I have spent the year focusing on the current needs of others and this has changed my life. I realize now… that each day has the potential of being the day that a life will be changed. Why did it take me SO long to see this so clearly?

I believe that I was still seeking the direction of my life. Looking for the answers.

Be still… The answers will find you IF you are sharing your gifts that you were given.

Today, June 11, 2012, life is being enjoyed, shared and treasured. Take the time to establish your faith, your dreams and you too will be found!

Remember love is a very powerful thing. Practice it!