The Whole 30!

Yes, I have cleared the pantry, fridge and the junk drawers!  The time has come… Whole 30!  I have started this process before only to be crushed by my robotic grazing actions.  I never knew how much I eat that I did not remember eating!  WIth Day 0 – Day 4 behind me… I have a realization that I have been chewing sugarless gum for the last 4 days!  Why would I never consider that food?  So… despite my concentrated efforts, I cheated.  Therefore, I have hit the “reset” button and am on Day 2 of my FIRST Whole 30.  I pray that I have the strength and the dedication to stay focused to not only finish the Whole 30 but feel and learn from every step.   Feeling confident but I will not #FAIL.The