Saving Money – Clotilda Jamcracker

Just read a inspirational post… a post that reminded me of one of the reasons I started my blog… great stuff…We can be really creative when we set our minds to it. Add a little good attitude and we will have a blast. However, don’t waste my money!

Saving Money – Clotilda Jamcracker.



It Is Time!

It is time… with my birthday knocking at the door, embracing a new paleo lifestyle, mastering envelope budgeting, postponing DYI projects, and launching a new business… to start a blog! My plan is to use this blog to educate and encourage my readers to get involved. Get plugged in now…don’t miss another opportunity to share your passion, experience and understanding with others. You will change lives.

Join me as I blog about my current challenges, issues, joys and dreams. I am looking forward to sharing and being shared with…